Coffee Chat: Working Out Every Day!

…Or at least, in my case, trying my very best to work out every single day. I don’t want to make the excuse of scheduling troubles that sometimes make this goal difficult, but it really is true! Or at least that’s what I used to think. If I had a big homework assignment or plans later, I would tell myself that I didn’t need to work out, but I would for sure make it to the gym the next day. As we all know, the next day you claim to be just as busy, and then you lose all motivation to ever go to the gym.

However, I have been trying to be so much better at throwing this mindset out of the window! I mentioned my stress this week with all of the work being piled on at once, but that hasn’t stopped me yet from sticking to my workout schedule! I’ve found that the best way for me to have motivation to go to the gym is to head there right after school. That way I don’t have a break to sit and relax and contemplate whether I really want to go to the gym or not (because we all know that most of the time, if we really think about it, none of us want to go the gym. The ironic thing though is that most of the time, you don’t actually regret going to the gym)!

I have also found that when I force myself to go run on the treadmill, even after leg day in weights, that I not only feel productive, but actually become more productive afterwards. A lot of my posts are written after I have released my stress or bad mood at the gym. I guess running causes creative thoughts to pop into my head (although some of you may disagree).

I guess the point of my rant this morning is to tell you about my journey and eternal struggle with going to the gym! I have gotten on these healthy kicks multiple times before and always give up. I am so, so determined not to let that happen this time. I have trips to New Mexico, California, and Florida that I am planning on looking and feeling my best for! While I am determined to change my gym-going habits, I also encourage you all to do your best to make it to the gym today, or just to be active! It really is a great stress reliever and it will make you feel more motivated about everything else you have to get done today. Trust me! Just don’t come to my gym so that it isn’t as crowded. Have fun working hard today…

And Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!


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