Let’s Go to Friday Harbor!


On our third day on San Juan Island, we finally got to venture into the town of Friday Harbor! The first night when we arrived on the island, we didn’t really get to see any of the town because it was so late at night and nothing was open when we were driving through. Friday Harbor is a seaport (where our ferry came in that first night) and full of many different shops, restaurants, hotels, and museums!

Our first mission of the day was to visit all of the fun tourist shops (obviously) because no matter how many boutiques there are, there is nothing better than junky souvenir shops. I guess I shouldn’t really call them “junky”, because some of them are pretty awesome and they all have great stuff. We all were on the lookout for different things—water bottle stickers, keychains, pressed pennies, jewelry—for us and our families, and we found some more interesting stuff along the way, like these crazy awesome hats:


Once again, I feel terrible because I can’t actually tell you all of the names of the stores because I wasn’t keeping track while I was in San Juan and after you visit a couple of stores, they all begin to blend together, because all tourist shops are really the same. I ended up getting a shot glass for my dad’s collection, a key chain for my sister’s collection, and a few postcards for when I am older and can hang my postcard up all around the house! I also lucked out and was able to find some pressed pennies at one of the dockside shops. Score!

There were also a lot of boutiques and independent shops that sold hand-crafted trinkets. We explored every single shop in the town, but none of us bought anything from these fancier shops and chose to just explore instead! One of the coolest shops that we went into had these giant boxes of photo prints form the making of certain movies. I swear that I dug through every single picture in hopes of finding one from It’s a Wonderful Life, my favorite movie of all time, but there were none. It may not have been a San Juan Island souvenir, but it would have been amazing to have! At any rate, all of the prints were fun to look at.

Of course, we had to get lunch while we were out, so we decided to eat at Blue Water Bar and Grill. I ordered the Crab Artichoke sandwich, and it was definitely different than anything I have eaten before. I wasn’t totally in love with it, and I wish that I would have just ordered a regular burger instead. At least I stepped outside of my comfort zone! The taste was just different than I was originally expecting. The good thing was, my sandwich came with fries, and unless you’re a terrible, terrible restaurant, you really can’t ruin French fries.

Right after lunch, we headed down directly to the docks in order to get some ice cream. The ice cream shop, called the Friday Harbor Ice Cream company, was a crazy little shop right on the edge of the harbor! The shop was longer rather than wide, and almost the ice cream freezer ran almost the entire length of the building. There were so many flavors to choose from! I ended up getting espresso chip, and it was sooooooo delicious.

We took our ice cream down on the dock and found a bench to sit on so that we could sit and look at the boats while we ate. While there, we also came across a single locker that was titled as D. Jones, and as a Disney fan and a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, I had to freak out and take a picture. Even if you’re not a huge Disney fan, you have to appreciate a good pun when you see it.


We also got to meet Popeye the seal, named so because he is missing an eye. He frequents the harbor due to the fresh seafood shop that is right on the edge of the dock. I’ve never seen a real harbor seal before, and so we just sat and watched him float for a while! Fun fact: Chris Pratt also has a house up in San Juan Island, and he has actually posted a picture of Popeye the seal on his Instagram! My friend has even seen him before walking into the hardware store, but didn’t get a picture with him or anything.


The view from the dock was absolutely amazing. You can see for miles and miles, and there are a ton of little islands dotting the waterway. The entire scene looked fake! While we were there, we got to watch some seaplanes take off and some boats head out into the harbor. Overall, it was a very neat experience, and my favorite day on the island!


We spent a little more time shopping around so that we could make sure that we didn’t miss a single shop and then we were on our way back to the house. We actually spent a really long time down at Friday Harbor, and didn’t get home until right before dinner time.

That night, one of my friends decided that we needed to watch the movie Exists, which is about Bigfoot. Don’t ask me why, but my friend and her family are absolutely obsessed with Bigfoot. First of all, the movie was terrible because it looked like it was shot on a handheld camera. I get that that’s the way that it was supposed to be shot to make it seem more realistic, but it makes a movie really hard to take seriously. Also, I do not advise watching a movie about Bigfoot stalking a group of kids when you are on an island that is half forest, and you are watching a movie in a house with a ton of windows that face out to the woods (aka the hiding place of Bigfoot). I’m not saying Bigfoot is real. But if he was, I am pretty sure that he would live on San Juan Island. Just saying.

As with all my other posts for this trip, I will include the link to the Blue Water Bar and Grill and the Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company down below if you want to check either one out!

Are there any souvenirs that you collect? If so, let me know down below, and as always…

Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!






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