Rainy Day Fun on San Juan Island

We woke up to a gloomy, rainy morning on our fourth day on San Juan Island. Lucky enough for us, the day before in Friday Harbor, we noticed that there was a small little movie theater that was showing Finding Dory! We had to call the theater ahead of time in order to figure out what times the movie was showing, as they weren’t listed anywhere outside of the building. We figured that watching a movie was the best way to avoid the nasty rain.

Before our show time, we all wanted to visit The Whale Museum in town! Since we were planning on driving back down to Friday Harbor anyways to see the movie , we decided that it would be best to stop and take a look at this museum, too. After all, the San Juan Islands are famous for the Orca whales that live there! I will include a link to the museum’s website at the bottom of this post, and if any of you ever visit San Juan Island, you should check it out. It was a definitely a small museum, but I learned so much while I was there! There was tons of information that covers multiple different species of whales in general, but there is also just general information about the history of whales in the San Juan Islands. Another fun thing about The Whale Museum is that when you walk into the museum and buy your pass to the exhibit, you get a little card that tells which whale you will be during you time there! I was Princess Penelope the Orca whale. You hold onto this card the entire time that you are looking through the museum, and as you walk along, there are multiple different places where you can learn the story behind your whale and its family! It reminded me of the famous Titanic exhibit that once came to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where you were assigned a certain passenger before you entered the exhibit and then got to see what became of them after you were done.

There were multiple interactive spots throughout the exhibit in order to better engage kids, so we got to listen to the sounds of nine different species of whales and watch a live feed of a popular whale mating place near the coast of the island. There weren’t any whales on the feed this time, which was a bummer, but we did sit and watch for a while just to make sure. There was also a room full of puzzles and coloring pages for kids, and since there was nobody else in the museum but us, the four of us decided to take the time to color some pictures ourselves (more free souvenirs)!

At the end of the exhibit, you come right out into The Whale Museum gift shop. I ended up buying a small San Juan Island pin, and I was glad that I did, since a portion of all of the gift shop and museum ticket proceeds go towards whale conservation efforts! It worked out well for me too, because I had another pin to add to my collection (yes, I have a million different collections of souvenirs. Thank you for noticing).

Before our movie time, we set out to eat lunch, and so we went across the street to the Rocky Bay Café. I ordered a club sandwich, and I was mostly underwhelmed by my meal, if only because the sandwich was not toasted at all, so there were large chunks of cold cheddar cheese in every bite. The taste that resulted from this was different than the club sandwiches that I typically order eat at other restaurants.

The movie theater in Friday Harbor was smaller than any I had ever been to, as there were exactly two theaters in the building. We chose to go see Finding Dory rather than If I Stay, and I am happy we did! I won’t post a full review of the film, only because it was so similar to Finding Nemo that I don’t think there is much to discuss about it, but I highly enjoyed it, and I went and saw it again when I got back home from San Juan with another group of friends!

Our last activity of the day was bowling, which also kept us from being out in the dreary weather. My friend has been visiting San Juan Island for over four years and she had never been to the movie theater or the bowling alley in Friday Harbor! The bowling alley was small, just like the theater, with only ten lanes total. That didn’t matter to us, though, because we were the only group in the entire place! What was also interesting was that there was a full-blown Italian restaurant inside of the alley; however, we didn’t eat there, as we were still full from lunch. Just in case you are interested in planning a trip to San Juan Island, I will include links to the websites of the movie theater and the bowling alley so that you can take a look and see what they’re all about!

The rest of our day was spent at home playing card games, as there was no way that we were going back to English/American Camp or hiking in the persisting rain. While it was definitely a lazy day, we found lots of ways to have fun indoors!

I hope you enjoyed all of our activities of our fourth day on San Juan Island. Can’t wait to hear what you think…

And Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!






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