Sunset Hike Catastrophe

The plan was simple: find a great hike, get a few friends together, and see a wonderful mountain sunset. The night started out great, too, because October in Colorado tends to still offer warm weather. It turned out to be seventy degrees that afternoon before we headed out. That meant perfect hiking weather! We also picked a Friday to go hiking, as everybody gains energy after school on Fridays to get out and do something. Lastly, we got the timing down to a tee so that we could all get home from school, get dressed, get ready, and head out so that we would have enough time for the twenty minute drive and the hour and a half hike. That way, we would make it to the peak of the trail right when the sun was starting to go down. Easy enough.


Our view of Golden, Colorado 

However, when all eight of us packed into our respective cars, I was chosen to lead the way out of the neighborhood and towards Golden, our final destination for our trail that night. Everything would have been smooth sailing; except for the fact one of that my friends had decided to park her car directly across from my driveway, and as I was pulling out, I decided that it was the best time to check my GPS to figure out which way to turn. Needless to say, rather than paying attention to backing out of the driveway, I was focusing on my phone and promptly crashed into the side of my friends car. After a moment of panic, I rushed back into the driveway and jumped out of the car, only to find that I had left a huge dent in the side of my friend’s back door (and that I had cracked my own bumper). Although the repercussions of the crash were minimized due to the fact that it was my friend’s car and her dad came right over to get everything sorted out, it was still a terrible experience. Not only was this my first crash, but all of our work and planning that we had put into getting the timing of the sunset hike down was all for nothing! At this point, we were almost an hour behind schedule.

Our destination was North Table Mountain Park in Golden. Originally, our hike was meant to be a total of 3 miles to the top of the lookout; however, by the time we had arrived at the base of the trail, we were already an hour off of our desired time. Being a self-proclaimed pessimist, I believed that there was no chance of us getting a glimpse of the sunset that night, even though I had spent so much time trying to align eight different people’s schedules while working around school and travel time. It turned out that we were able to compromise, and even though we didn’t make it up the entire 3 miles of the trail, we did make it up about 0.5 miles, after which we found the perfect little niche where we could all sit and watch the sunset. We were not as high up as we originally intended, but we did get to see a beautiful Colorado sunset!


Don’t forget to yell “ROCK!”

Chances are, I won’t be planning any more sunset hikes in the near future.

Even if the night didn’t turn out as planned, it was still a wonderful experience! If any of you are interested, the name of the trail is North Table Mountain Park in Golden, Colorado. I can’t comment on the entire trail (since we never made it up all 3 miles) but the little spot we found served our purpose.


Afterwards, we headed out for dinner in downtown Golden, which, if you have never been, is amazing! The Golden Sweets Shop and their ice cream soda is soooo wonderful on a summer’s day. But that’s a different story! We didn’t stop for ice cream, but we did find Snarf’s Sandwich Shop for dinner. None of us had ever been there before, but we all thought it was delicious. I got a hotdog with cheddar on regular white bread (which sounds weird, but trust me, it was crazy good). They also have vegan options, and even though I am not vegan, I tend to notice these types of things because I am always traveling with a vegan in my group.

Overall, our trip to Golden turned out fantastically. I’ll provide the links to North Table Mountain Park’s website and to the Snarf’s website down below if any of you want to check them out. Thanks for joining me for my zany misadventures…

And Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!






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