We Ate the Best Fish ‘N Chips (and Froze Our Feet Off)

Welcome to my post about the second full day of journey around San Juan!  Once again, we just had to start off the day by sleeping in super late and eating a lazy breakfast, because that’s just what vacation is for, especially when you’re just hanging out with your best friends.

Our second day really began with a trip to English/American Camp, which is a National Park on San Juan Island! While there is a ton of history behind this National Park, I will be going into all the details in another post because we didn’t spend very much time here on the second day. All we did was walk around the property a little bit, which pretty much just ended up as us hiking up and down some hills instead of actually exploring the historical buildings and the other aspects of the park that make it unique.

While we were there, though, I picked up a Junior Ranger booklet! In case you don’t already know, all of the National Parks across America host a Junior Ranger Program, which really just consists of kids filling out a packet about their trip to the park, including what they learned and observed in nature in exchange for a Junior Ranger badge. I have been collecting these badges ever since I was six and visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota! Just like the pressed pennies that I mentioned in my first San Juan post, these badges are some of the cheapest souvenirs that you will ever pick up, as (most of the time) completing the Junior Ranger program is completely free! Some parks will charge you for the booklet, but I haven’t seen it very often, and in my opinion, it is totally worth paying for, especially if you are traveling with young children. I may be kind of old to be participating in the program now, but park rangers are always nice about it (even though I do suffer a lot of teasing for it) and will give you a booklet no matter what age you are. All you have to do is go up to a park ranger and ask! The program is a great way to ensure that kids have a fun time at the park while learning about history and nature while they’re there!

None of my friends decided to complete the program along with me, but I could care less, as long as I got my badge by the end of the trip! They all decided it was too childish. Their loss! I will discuss the Junior Ranger program at English/American Camp on San Juan Island further in another post, since I did not fill out the booklet at all on this day, but rather just picked up a packet so that I could be prepared when we were ready to come back!

After doing that, it was time for lunch, and so we decided to drive into Friday Harbor to eat at The Hungry Clam (about a half an hour drive from the house)! This restaurant was decorated in the style of a 50’s diner, and they served mostly burgers and shakes. However, The Hungry Clam is known for its fish and chips on San Juan Island, so of course, I had to try it. If you’re not a fan of seafood, though, they had a lot of other options, and I will definitely include a link to the restaurant’s website down below if you ever want to check out their menu! The restaurant was small and family-run, which created a cozy atmosphere to eat our lunch in. We were also some of the only in there, so we had some pretty awesome service. Another cool thing is that the kitchen is open to the front of the restaurant, so from the booth that we were sitting in, we could watch the cooks grilling all of the burgers. That might sound like a silly thing to you, but it was interesting to watch, especially since the cooks were talking to us while they worked. The place was just that tiny!

As I mentioned, I ordered the fish and chips, and it was definitely the best that I have ever had! To be completely honest, the seafood options in Colorado are limited, so I didn’t have much to compare the dish to. My big thing when I go out is that if I order something that is fried, it better be extra crispy. These pieces of fish definitely were!

After we were all finished with our meals, we ordered some milkshakes. The Hungry Clam has an extensive list of crazy milkshakes that they can make that includes peach, s’mores, and key lime pie! I ordered a cherry milkshake, and it was, again, better than any that I have had. It worked out perfectly, too because we were able to take our drinks with us to our next destination, which was South Beach.

South Beach is a rock beach located inside of English/American Camp on the southwest end of the island. All of the beaches on San Juan Island are rock beaches, but I have to point it out while discussing South Beach because we spent all of our time there collecting and skipping rocks! I picked up as many bright red rocks as I could as they washed up on the beach. I also learned how to skip rocks here from one of my friends. South Beach is the perfect place to do this because you have so many varieties of rocks to choose from with more rocks continually washing up on shore that you will virtually never run out of prime skipping rocks.


Collecting rocks on South Beach 

Once again, it bears mentioning that the water here is freezing. It was already probably between sixty and seventy degrees outside in the first place, and then once we stuck our toes in the water, my feet went numb by the time we were done. The ocean water was so chilly! That’s pretty average for Washington, though, and we did have a good time even though it was difficult walking back across the rocks to the car with our cold, bare feet.

It was also Father’s Day while we were there on South Beach, so we took the time to send a message to all of our dads that were back home! Here is a picture of my message that I sent to my dad:IMG_2014.JPGPretty soon we were back at the house to take showers and warm up after our time wading at the beach. The first order of business: putting some socks on!

I know that I haven’t written very much about our nights on San Juan Island, but we really just spent our afternoons at home hanging out with each other! The main purpose of this trip was to spend time together with friends, since our friend with the house on the island spends the entire summer there, meaning that we don’t get to see her for months on end! Our nights consisted of home-cooked meals and lots of card games, so there is nothing really to write about them, but I don’t want you to think that I am skipping over important activities that made up our day. Anything new and exciting that we had the opportunity to experience, I will include for you guys to read about!

Since that was the end of our second day on the island, though, I will end this post here so that I can get working on writing recounting the third day! While you’re waiting for that next post, though, why don’t you tell me about where you have discovered the best fish and chips dish? In the meantime…

Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!





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