Coffee Chat: It’s That Time of Year Again

Today, I have just about hit the halfway mark on Lent. For those of you who do not know, Lent is a religious observance that begins on Ash Wednesday (which this year was March 1st) and ends on Easter Sunday (which falls on April 16th this year) for the purpose of setting aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ, particularly his life, sacrifice, and suffering. I am by no means an expert on Lent by any means, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time discussing religion– that isn’t really what this Coffee Chat is about (although I am sure, so far, it seems that way). So, no matter who you are or what you believe, that’s just a brief lesson for you.

Another big part of Lent is giving something up for that period between Ash Wednesday and Easter to represent fasting, and that sacrifice is then offered up to God. Giving up something that is a bad habit can also represent you turning your life in a positive direction, a direction that God wants you in.

This is going to sound really terrible (depending, again, on who are), but I take part in Lent mostly for the purpose of giving up my bad habits than for the religious purposes. That being said, I give up sweets every year, and this year I added soda and Starbucks to the list of the things that I can’t enjoy during this time of Lent! II guess I do these things in order to turn my life in a better direction, but mostly I just give up my unhealthy eating habits so that I can feel better about myself while eating in moderation.

That being said, you might be thinking: “so, you’re going to rant throughout an entire post about how you can’t eat sweets, and it is not for any religious reasons?” I mean, I can’t really argue with you there. But I definitely don’t mean to complain!

As much as I’m craving chocolate and a Coke, I know that finishing my initiative that I started on Ash Wednesday is really important! I have made too much progress already too give up “just for fun.” Like I said, I have hit the halfway point!

Saying that I have made “progress” might seem silly to you, but keeping myself away from all these foods is a big deal for me!

Ever since I started working at Chick FIl A (and now while I am working as a server), I have had endless free soda available to me at work! That’s when my soda habit really started, because cherry Coke is pretty much the best drink ever invented (besides Butterbeer, but that’s a different story), and so I would just drink it constantly while I was working at Chick Fil A. Now that I am working as a server, I am constantly running around for hours on end, and the one thing that sounds sooooo good when I get a chance to take a breath is soda. To be fair, soda always sounds good to me, but it is so refreshing after a long day of work! Whether it is refreshing or not though, it is full of sugar and there is absolutely no need for me to be drinking it as often as I was before Lent started.

I also just have really bad self-control, so when I get home after a stressful day of work or school, I immediately want to lay on the couch and drink a soda or eat chocolate, which is just a terrible terrible habit. Stress does not justify stress-eating! That is something I am trying to teach myself, and something that I hope I get better at throughout this period of Lent.

The Starbucks ban serves two purposes, because not only am I keeping myself from drinking super-sugary coffee drinks (because you can’t go to Starbucks and just get regular coffee) and I am saving lots of money by not buying coffee for a month and a half! This is another perk of quitting soda for Lent, because I save money every time that I go out to eat now.

Anyways, I apologize for any complaining, but I just had to comment on reaching the halfway point of Lent, all of the food that I am craving, but also all of the progress that I have made along the way (with hopefully a lot more to come)!

If any of you want to know actual facts about Lent, since I am by no means an expert, you can read the post from this website below to learn a little bit more:


Are any of you participating in Lent? Let me know how you’re doing so far…

And Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!


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