Coffee Chat: What’s the Deal With Yoga?

By this point, I am sure you guys are tired of hearing about me and working out. I get it! It’s a normal thing that most people do on a daily basis, but working hard to get to the gym is a big deal for me, and I am doing my best to make this a daily habit! This morning, though, I am sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking about everything that I need to get done today, and working out is just one thing on my list. That being said, I am actually going to yoga tonight, and so I thought I would tell you a little bit about my yoga experience.

Just so you are aware, I don’t go to a fancy gym that requires an expensive membership with a ton of crazy amenities. And I definitely don’t go to a private yoga studio to take classes. The classes at my gym are just walk in, and they work for all different experience levels and body types.

I’ve actually only started doing yoga recently, and I have to say that the best thing about it is that I just feel so amazing afterwards! The class all depends on the teacher in charge that night. At the gym that I go to, on Monday and Friday nights, the teacher focuses primarily on stretching and elongating the body, and while it may not be a difficult workout that gets your heart rate going, it will make you feel so relaxed and loose afterwards. The woman in charge on Tuesday nights holds longer classes that are definitely more of a typical workout. We always go through rotations that last for a few minutes that require you to push through continuously, using your strength to maintain your balance. One of these rotations requires you to hold a version of plank position the entire time while you move your legs and arms and torso. Your arms and stomach will feel really toned afterwards though! While there are no classes on Wednesday nights (and nights are the only time that I am available to attend classes), there is another teacher on Thursday nights, although all of her classes seem more like introductory courses to yoga. I don’t really mind, though, because no matter what, yoga is relaxing. Unless your arms give out when you’re in downward dog position and you fall flat on your face, it is pretty hard not to enjoy yourself at yoga.

If you have never been to a yoga class before, there is always a point of ultimate relaxation at the very end of the class where you are allowed to lay flat out on your mat and just let your body “sink into the floor”, as they say. All of the lights are turned off, there’s peaceful music in the background, and nobody moves or makes a single noise. Trust me when I say it is the best feeling ever. As you lay there, you get that feeling that’s similar to the feeling right before you end up falling asleep, where you are half awake, half dreaming, and your body feels like it’s tingling. Some nights, I feel like I put myself through yoga just to achieve this ultimate relaxation at the end. Totally worth it.

I am no yoga expert, and I only take beginner’s classes, but I have enjoyed my experience with yoga so far. Really, my only complaint is that it is not as hard of a workout as running or riding a bike or weight lifting, and so sometimes it feels like I have not achieved anything during the class. I don’t get to see a calorie count or a mile count when the hour long yoga class is done! When I just go to the gym to ride the treadmill, I also get to work out on my own schedule. I don’t have a specific time that I have to arrive at the gym to get a good spot for my mat, I don’t have anyone leading the workout, and I can stop whenever I want to! However, yoga is always worth it for the relaxation and the peace that it provides. It may not be a difficult workout (at least the classes that my gym offers aren’t too hard), but you’ll leave the gym feeling happy and less stressed! Let me know about your yoga experiences and how you like to work out. Don’t forget to make time for getting active today…

And Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!



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