DECA Fun: Day 3

We have finally arrived at the third and final day of my 2017 Colorado DECA State experience! I hope that you guys have been following along on my DECA journey!

The third day was much less eventful than the day before because there weren’t as many competitions that we had to participate in.

Once again, me and my partner woke up almost three hours before our alarm  was set to go off because we were so restless. While our International Business Plan finals were done and over with, we were still wondering whether we had made it to finals for our Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making Roleplay. Therefore, by the time 6 o’clock in the morning rolled around, we were wide awake and staring at our phones, waiting for our advisor to text us with the results. Finally (seven minutes late) the text arrived saying that our team and two other teams had made it to finals for their respective roleplays! While we were expecting more Legacy DECA students to make it to finals, as we had almost 50 students come along on the trip this year, we were still overjoyed to hear that we had at least advanced within our category!

It was another early day for us, as there was no hope of us getting back to sleep. Not only were we filled anxiety over having to complete our third and final Travel and Tourism roleplay, but closing ceremonies were also happening in the afternoon! We both knew that in just a few hours, we would know whether we had qualified for Nationals or not.

Our complimentary breakfast at the Doubletree once again featured eggs, sausage, and crispy

potato wedges instead of hash browns. As always, I had to grab coffee to wake myself up, and I also got a small glass of orange juice (which has now been added to my breakfast routine, in case you are wondering what I drink while I write my Coffee Chats in the morning). Our last breakfast was definitely the best, if only because my partner and I got to sit and eat with two of our advisors! Legacy High School’s DECA advisors are some of the most supportive teachers and mentors in the world. They were asking us questions about our roleplay scenarios from the day before, how we were feeling about our competition today, and whether or not we were excited about closing ceremonies!

After getting all dressed up, we were off to The Broadmoor for our final roleplay! Twelve total teams advanced to finals for our Travel and Tourism category. During finals, your two previous roleplay scores are thrown out the window, and the only thing that contributes to your final score is your third roleplay scoring (as well as the test scores that I mentioned in my first explanatory DECA post).  I think that our nerves had definitely died down by this point, though. Unlike our first roleplays, where the lobby of the ballroom was packed full of kids waiting to be called in for their prep time, we were almost completely alone, with only about five other teams waiting with us. All we could focus on was performing our best one last time!


My partner and I waiting for our last roleplay to be called!

This roleplay consisted of another airline in need of a way to increase profits; however, this time, the airline wanted to advertise their new reliability guarantee for flights arriving on time to business travelers. The judges for this roleplay were completely stone-faced, so it was difficult to gauge how well we did with this scenario.

Nonetheless, we were finally done competing, and we could enjoy our fancy Broadmoor lunch! Once again, salads were placed on the tables when we arrived, along with water and iced teas for everybody. Unfortunately, there was no bread on the second day, which was a total bummer because not only is Broadmoor coffee amazing, but the rolls are some of the best I’ve ever had (not like I am a roll connoisseur, of course). The salad on the second day was a berry salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, which was delicious! Once we were finished, the servers brought us out roast beef sandwiches with kettle-cooked potato chips. Not as high-class as a chicken breast on a bed of rice, but just as good. The dessert was another chocolate mousse with a vanilla bean pudding and blackberry on top. After eating it, all I can tell you is that I would pay an arm and a leg to stay at The Broadmoor just in hopes of tasting this dessert again. Trust me on this one!

We sat in the dining hall for a long time and sipped on our coffee because we had over two hours to wait for closing ceremonies to start, and we had already checked out of the hotel and loaded the bus! Even though waiting grew tiring, I had so much fun with the group that we spent almost the entire competition with. We found multiple ways to enjoy ourselves, even with all of the stress and the waiting that this weekend consisted of!

Finally, we were on our way to closing ceremonies. I know that if I hadn’t had a full cup of coffee beforehand, I definitely would have fallen asleep. While the closing ceremonies consist of the handing out of awards for the individuals who qualify for Nationals, it is also comprised of an hour and a half of discussing the state officer’s experiences in DECA and the recognition of multiple outstanding advisors from participating high schools. Believe me, it is not exciting to listen to at all.


My partner and I after taking second place in the Travel and Tourism category!

With each category, all of the finalists were called up on stage, and then the top five teams or individuals were called up if they qualified for Nationals to receive their rewards. When the International Business Plan category was called up, the three of us marched our way backstage to wait, and then were lined up on stage in front of the entire conference. You guys already know what happened if you have been following my blog, so you also know that our Travel and Tourism category followed suit the exact same way!


My partners and I after we took second in the International Business Plan Category!


We left The Broadmoor with two second place trophies in hand and hopped on the bus home to a big cheer from our fellow Legacy DECA students. We had another hour and a half ride ahead of us to get back home. I think that all of us were so worn out that we were actually hyper on the ride back, as we were pretty rowdy, getting into twitter fights and playing intense games of Heads Up. This may defeat the purpose of writing a blog post, but you had to be there to see how crazy we really were!

The support we received this entire weekend was astounding. I have never been happier to be a part of Legacy High School, and I am so proud of the hard work that we put into competing in order to qualify for Nationals in Anaheim, California, in April 2017! I’ll be sure to tell you all about our time at the DECA International Career and Development Conference this year. Meanwhile, though, while I am preparing for that…

Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!




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