Legacy High School’s Staff Basketball Game!

Last night was the staff basketball game between Legacy High School and Broomfield High School! These basketball games occur every year during Wish Week or LHS Gives Back Week (as it was called this year) and proceeds go to the winning team! This year, Legacy High School was supporting the Love Your Brain organization which helps people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, and Broomfield High School was raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation (for one child specifically) and were collecting funds for a 6-year old girl with a neuro-degenerative disease who requires a four million dollar clinical trial.

I have to take a minute here to mention for those of you that do not know that the Love Your Brain organization was chosen this year by Legacy’s Mr. Kroupa, who returned to work this month after the bus accident in early September. Mr. Kroupa himself suffered a severe brain injury due to the force of the crash, and was actually told that he would not be able to retain his memory or utilize language as well even after he healed (but I will discuss this more, to the best of my ability, in another post when I write about Mr. Kroupa’s presentation to the student body).

Not only did the proceeds from the cost of attendance go to the winning team’s school, but during halftime, both schools hosted a miracle minute! Miracle minutes are a common occurrence during DECA conferences, and in fact, our DECA chapter raised a lot of money for Mr. Kroupa and his treatment through miracle minutes during our 2017 DECA season. I haven’t seen this method of raising money at a school sports function yet, but overall, I think it was really cool (and effective)! The basic idea of the miracle minute is to race around and collect as many donation as possible within one minute. While it was crazy—for instance, money was pretty much raining from the sky as kids threw dollar bills down from the bleachers—I believe that at least Legacy High School raised a lot of extra money through this method! I don’t know exactly who to credit for the idea, but it was brilliant.

I have to admit, I have never actually attended one of these staff basketball games before. I wasn’t even going to go and watch last night, but I decided that I needed to experience the game at least once! All I can say is that I am definitely glad that I did.

The game itself was great. I think the fact that the teachers get really into the spirit for the game is amazing, because it definitely makes it more enjoyable to watch. It doesn’t hurt when you personally know most of the teachers who are playing! While I am not going to give you a play-by play of the entire game, you should know that over half of Legacy’s points were scored by shooting three-pointers. Because apparently Legacy’s staff is known for being able to shoot threes from close to half court (or in Mr. Kroupa’s case before the game, from exactly half court). Who knew? In any case, all of the crazy three pointers that Legacy made resulted in Legacy High School earning the win, after which the student section promptly stormed the court.

That leads me into discussing another aspect of last night that made the game more fun that I had originally expected. Legacy High School’s student section had a wonderful turn out! When we first arrived for the game, it was intimidating to see all of the Broomfield students decked out in their tropical gear (as that must have been the theme for that day of their Wish Week). Legacy students were supposed to come in white, but early on in the night, the number of floral shirts and leis way outnumbered the number of white t-shirts in the Legacy student section. I was worried that even with the result of the game, it was going to be a complete blowout in terms of spirited student sections.

That was not the case! As it was getting closer to game time, more and more Legacy students started filing in, and we had a packed student section that even flowed out to the edges of the court itself! The only other time I have experienced Legacy’s student section is at football games, but the energy last night rivaled that of even the annual Broomfield v. Legacy football showdown! As a whole, I was proud of the Legacy student section for showing up not only to support the teachers, but to support the charity of choice for this week! I don’t know if anybody was keeping track, but the Legacy section definitely kicked Broomfield’s butt. In their words, “I believe that we just won.” Take that, Broomfield.

Overall, between both schools, the staff basketball game itself raised over $3,000 dollars! That isn’t even including the miracle minutes that occurred during halftime, and I know for a fact that Legacy, at least, is planning multiple other fundraising opportunities this week. It was an astounding turn out, and the number of students, while definitely making the experience a little more sweaty, added to the overall sense of excitement at the basketball game!

As I said, I don’t want to give you a play by play of the game, and I am not even sure that I could (which sounds terrible, I know). I was having too much fun cheering the teachers on and being a part of the energy in the crowd that I didn’t record everything that happened! I couldn’t even pick MVPs, and it wouldn’t be fair to. All of the teachers should be congratulated for the effort that they put playing, and into raising money for the Love Your Brain organization.

Do any of you have fun traditions like the staff basketball game at your high school? I’d love to hear about them. And meanwhile…

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