Summer Is In the Air!

Well, it is finally spring break here in Broomfield, Colorado, but it hardly seems like spring at all. It has been a dreary couple of days and today was the culmination of all of this bad weather—windy and rainy, ALL DAY LONG. Not only did this make work go by slower, but it made the rest of the day drag on as well. So, with all of this gray weather that is making the start to break kind of a bummer, I thought that the best thing to do would be to incorporate a little positive energy into a post all about summer! I have decided to write a post dedicated to the five things that I am most excited about for summer in 2017.

Now, summer is approaching quickly. For seniors at Legacy High School, we have almost one month left until our last day of school! Because of this, there are so many things that I cannot wait for when May 10 rolls around. Here is my final list:

  1. Warm Weather—This may seem obvious, especially with all of my complaining about the gray days here in Colorado. But think about it: warm weather means pool days, beautiful hiking weather, and time spent outside, whether that means reading, watching a baseball game, or just lying on the grass and relaxing. I also look forward to not having to walk outside to find frost on my car in the mornings when I leave for work, and warm weather means that I won’t have to worry about forgetting a jacket!

While baseball season has already begun, it is far more fun to watch games out in the heat that in the wind and snow. And you might say that it is not snowing now, and you would be right, but last year a forty degree day quickly turned into a snowy day, and it was freezing. Just remind me to pack the sunscreen!

I also hope to frequent my neighborhood pool much more this year. After all, it is the perfect place to just lay out, relax, and read a book. Since that’s what I did inside all day today anyways, I have to say that these activities would be much more enjoyable poolside!

Lastly, if it is warm weather here, that means that it will be nice and hot down in Florida, which is where I will be headed for vacation this summer. I enjoy the warm weather here in Colorado as much as the next person, but I love, love, love the heat and humidity down in Florida. The best part is that when all of that put together gets to be unbearable, you can just jump right into the ocean or the pool and cool down. That leads me into the next thing on my list…

  1. Anna Maria Island—My family has been to Anna Maria Island in Florida twice before, and it has become one of our favorite places in the world. For those of you that have never heard of it or have never been there, this island lies in the Gulf Coast and offers beautiful, private white sand beaches that feature bright, clear water! The fact that the beaches are private makes the experience ten times better because there are no large hotels on the island. Anna Maria is made up entirely of private beach houses to rent. Not only is this amazing, because private houses mean our own beds, bathrooms, and a kitchen and dining room to ourselves (along with a pool in the backyard that is entirely ours), but that also means that the beaches are much less crowded than they would be if they were open for public access. This makes the entire experience much more relaxing! That also means less people to take all of the decent shells, which is one of my favorite things about the beach. I absolutely love collecting seashells and scouring the bottom of the sea for the biggest, craziest shells! Needless to say, I have also found some starfish, sea slugs, and other rather disgusting sea creatures. Anna Maria Island also offers amazing seafood, a donut shop known as The Donut Experiment, which allows you to craft your own donut down to the type of icing and toppings, and Rudy’s Diner, which sells subs, fresh-baked pies, pastries, and grilled muffins. For those of you who have never had a grilled muffin, at Rudy’s, they take a homemade chocolate chip muffin the size of your head, covered in cinnamon sugar, and they cut it straight down the middle and place it on the flattop grill. This makes the outside of the muffin crispy and buttery, while the chocolate chips are gooey on the inside! I haven’t seen these muffins anywhere else, and that is one of the reasons why we have to go to Rudy’s every time that we visit Anna Maria Island. You should definitely check the island out and see what it is all about! In my opinion, it is one of the best summer vacation spots ever.
  2. Hiking—If you ask anybody living in Colorado, they would probably tell you that they are excited for summer, if only because summer means that all of Colorado’s amazing hiking trails are open again for the season! I attempted as many hikes as I could last summer, but I was also working two jobs at the time, and so it was difficult to do as much as I wanted to. I would love to drive back up to Rocky Mountain National Park and stay there for more than a couple of hours, like last time (which I have written a previous post about if you want to read it). I could maybe even spend the night there this year, giving us more time to explore the park and Estes Park! While we are up there, I would also love to travel around Estes Park because I haven’t been there since I was maybe eight years old. Also, we only went to Garden of the Gods this year in Colorado Springs, but the town has so much more to offer. I really want to tackle the Manitou Incline (that is, if I can get anybody else to do it with me). Warm weather means miles and miles of gorgeous hiking trails, and a chance to get fit and tan! Well, when it comes to getting tan: a girl can dream, right?
  3. Work—This may seem crazy to a lot of you, because the point of summer break is to be able to get away from school and work and escape homework and responsibilities. However, I absolutely love my job as a server, and it is not only fun, but I have met some wonderful people while working there, and I don’t think that spending a majority of the summer with them would really feel like work to me! Summer time means that I have a lot more hours that I am available to work rather than just Saturdays and Sundays, and that means a lot more money for me to put into savings! This also means a lot more yummy food. Also, I hope to get as many hours as possible over the summer not only because I want money to be able to fund all of my summer adventures, but also because I want to gain as much experience waitressing as I possibly can. That way, when I head off to college, I might be able to get a job at a nicer, more expensive restaurant! A more expensive restaurant means higher overall ticket costs, and that means more tips for me. If I gain a lot of experience, I can also become a server when I apply for the Disney College Program! And trust me, there are no restaurants more expensive than Disney restaurants. I could end up earning some serious bank!
  4. College—The start of summer officially means the end of my high school career, and therefore, my introduction to the college experience! I could not be more excited to start this new chapter in my life, and there are so many things to get ready for. For example, I will get the chance to meet my potential roommate and make new friends at orientation, which lasts for two days in late June. At orientation, I will get to pick my classes, receive a full introduction to the campus, and I will have the opportunity to spend one night in a dorm while eating at the available dining halls. Then, in August, I will finally be able to head up to Colorado State University and see my dorm room, design it the way me and my roommate want it to look, and create the perfect home for an entire year away from home! Not to mention that being up in Fort Collins means plenty of opportunities for hiking, finding new restaurants and shops, and meeting new people. I can’t wait! College will be the culmination of this amazing summer that is approaching.

I hope the talk of the warm weather and sunny days to come added a little happiness to your day! What are you most excited about for summer? Tell me what you have planned…

And Don’t Forget to Make It Meghan!




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